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Bring It On Down To My House


My brother

As my brother stated this morning we need a new gps antenna. Yup. I don't really know how this things works, but my brother does. He is a tech nerd, really. He know these kinds of things. But when we used our gps last time it didn't work the way it should, even I noticed. My brother and father is going to the store to find that antenna that they need, and them my brother is going to help dad fix it. Well... I really do hope this antenna will work and that my brother doesn't accidentally breaks it ...

Attack protection

When walking alone at night a attack alarm might be handy. This an alarm that is being activated when the owner pushes the button. This apparatus is being accessed from the Internet too so you can monitor the path of the given alarm. These types of alarms can also be connected to a central station where all alarms is being remotely monitored and where security personal can be called in. This is very handy when you want maximum personal security at a low cost and in a apparatus that don't take a lot of space.

Jag kommer greja det

Jag kommer jobba extra på ett hotell inne i stan de näramste månaderna och därflr hhåller jag nu på att lära mig hotellets liggare. Hotel software som det så fint heter. Den som har gjort det systemet har verkligen tänkt till. Allt i ett. Smidigt och lätt.Jag var orolig att jag inte skulle kunna lära mig det så snabbt. Men det gick verkligen bra. Så nu känner jag att självförtroendet är på topp och att jag ser framemot att jobba med servicen att ta emot kunder och checka in dem.


It's certainly not often that I have joint complaints. But now it's the case and it really makes me feel old! Not that it should, because this can happen to anyone, in any age. I think I just overloaded my body a bit, so I'll be a bit more careful. Last weekend we have been working in the garden and in the house. We managed to get a lot of pending things done, which is very good because we had a list of things to be done and that list was there for a long time already. And now I ...